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There is no salvation by Seiei Jack


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Confessions of a Mask with Mar Marmar

(Confessions of a Mask)というタイトルを頂きましたw        Mar Marmar

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

VA The Music Of Ancient Greece

So happy to announce the latest Surrism-Phonoethics release, curated by the amazing Igor Jovanovic! Thanks for sharing it with us! <3 This thrilling compilation includes Lina Palera (Lyre 2.0 Project player), Anthony Donovan, Dave Fuglewicz, Crocodile Tears, Hectic Head, nobodisoundz, Lezet (Igor Jovanovic), Lomz, Ophed Soundscapes, Alen Ilijić, Mu., Zoran Peternelj & Borut, Jack Seiei, BroodingSideOfMadness, Daitse, Autumna X Triage, Jared C. Balogh, L ö W & CROCODILE TEARS, Jaan Patterson.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

jaan patterson – ergo protagonists

Jaan Patterson - Ergo Protagonists
Not only is music time consuming in a good way, there is an expense involved as well, whether you are a listener, musician or a netlabel. Everyone, especially musicians and netlabel owners, knows that when they stick their big toe in the pond of Creative Commons and netlabel music that there will be an expense without much money, if any, coming in.
One of the reasons Jaan Patterson started using Bandcamp was to hopefully begin to help offset the costs of his netlabel endeavors. Jaan who? Jaan Patterson is a German experimental composer and is one of the bright and creative minds behind the splendid netlabel, suRRism-Phonoethics, and the experimental series, Classwar Karaoke.
So Jaan Patterson reached out to some of his musical friends and produced a 37-song album of duos called Ergo Protagonists. Patterson’s purpose with releasing this album is not only to work with some great experimental musicians and to raise some funds for suRRism-Phonoethics.
The funny thing is that Jaan Patterson is not going actively out to raise some money; it’s sort of an anti-fundraiser. He put the record on Bandcamp, slapped on a suggested price of €1, and that’s it. Not a few dozen tweets or even a blog post. As a matter of fact the lead post this morning on his personal blog is on support of the people of Greece. Musicians, smh. from

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Mar Marmar

Mar Marmar is a japanese unique female artist of japan.

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ANDREAS N°18 - Extraterrestrials - Compilation Fraction - 2015 by FRACTION STUDIO COMPILATION

01. BLOODY BLUE - Extra-Territorial Bestiary Blood's Attack From Space Hell (part two) (Belgium) 08:45 
02. NOS Project - Level ELeven (Greece) 05:48 
03. SYLPHIDES - Transmission (Belgium) 03:54 
04. FABIO CRIVELLARO - Reptilian Footjobs (Italy) 02:21 
05. nobodisoundz - 8-LOK Odyssey (France) 06:00 
06. MEAN FLOW - Purple Wind (Greece) 04:07 
07. SONOLOGYST - A Scanner Darkly (Italy) 04:50 
08. DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Sie Kommen Dich Zu Holen (Germany) 05:03 
09. ARS SONOR - Cause And Effect (the perfect brainstorm mix) (Sweden) 03:56 
10. DROWNED IN THE SEWERS - Drowned In The Sewers (Greece-Belgium) 05:50 
11. TWILIGHT TRANSMISSIONS - Area 51 (U.S.A.) 05:48 
12. CHRISTOPHER ALVARADO - Great Distances (U.S.A.) 06:48 
13. WILLIAM SPIVEY - Arcturian Mindlink (U.S.A.) 06:39 
14. DEUTSCHES KULTURGUT - We Watching You (Germany) 04:57 
15. DALI'S AARDVARK - The Saving Grace On The Mount (U.S.A.) 06:59 
16. SRVTR - ET#831 (France) 07:40 
17. MYSTIFIED - Drones Or Grays (U.S.A.) 02:28 
18. LAUNAY - Nouvel Organisme (France) 09:25 
19. VITALY MAKLAKOV - A Strange Light In My Window (Russia) 08:01 
20. DJOZR - This Is A Hell Planet (U.S.A.) 06:32 
21. HARI HARDMAN - Reptoid (U.K.) 04:30 
22. LAURENT CARON - Invasion Extraterrestre (France) 05:27 
23. M.NOMIZED - Really Abducted (France) 07:16 
24. MODEL FOR ASSEMBL - New Campaign Against UFO (Russia) 04:31 
25. TOTAL E.T. - Xenobservation (Slovakia) 05:07 
26. COURTER MANE - Sunrise Drunk At The Mercurian Space Bar (U.S.A.) 07:36 
27. CARBONATES ON MARS - From The Other World (U.K.) 05:35 
28. ARI PORKI - Close Encounter (Finland) 06:07 
29. CUADRADO NEGRO - Anti Human Invasion (Peru) 01:46 
30. MHZ - Silicon Life (The Thought Process) (Poland) 07:19 
31. LEZET - Transmission (Serbia) 02:58 
32. BRAD HOHNER+X-995+EUXEB - Dimanche 7 Juillet (France) 01:21 
33. ESCREMENTI ALIENI - Mira Dritto Al Cuore (Italy-Uk) 04:57 
34. ZAP-PASCAL - Noisy Planets Dead Stars (France) 07:21 
35. OSTACOLI SONORI - RD(A) 1979 (Italy) 05:16 
36. KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE - Another Alien Movie (Germany) 08:17 
37. AIRWORLD - Close Encounters Of The Third Mind (France) 08:01 
38. THINKPOL - On But Not Of (Scotland) 03:34 
39. SAINT DE L'ABIME - Scapegoat From Outer Space (Greece) 07:16 
40. GED - Matez-Moi L'Abysse (Belgium) 04:2041. ASTRO FAROS - Alien Tribe (Greece) 02:41 
41. ASTRO FAROS - Alien Tribe (Greece) 02:41 
42. HOMO-AMBIENS - Mutual UFO Network (Spain) 06:16 
43. BAXTER TOCHER - Hive Installation (Scotland) 06:53 
44. SEIEI JACK - Mar Marmar (Japan) 02:02 

Compilation produced by Fraction Studio (France). 
All rights reserved. 

Cover and visuals by M.Nomized. 

P.2015 FRACTION STUDIO (France). 
released 30 September 2014 

Extraterrestrial may refer to any object or being beyond (extra-) the planet Earth (terrestrial). It is derived from the Latin words extra ("outside", "outwards") and terrestris ("earthly", "of or relating to the Earth"). 

tags: alternative all genres Melun 

all rights reserved