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SNR1000 VA

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I belong. Who's handicapped you or me?

Die Postkarten, mit denen zu der Aktion
eingeladen wurde, sind in Kunstworkshops entstanden..,

Jamandra: Experimental Live 2

Stealing Orchestra 
Joan La Barbara 
Angels, Demons, and Other Muses 
Radioactive Pussy 
Bryan Lewis Saunders and Sinus Buds 
Seiei Jack and Ayato 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

VA ND7 1986

Since 1982, ND has served as a document for exchange and contact among an international community of artists working to overcome established aesthetic conventions. ND publish interviews and articles that reflect current action in new and ‘trans-’ media. ND have presented interviews with artists: AMM, Ellen Fullman, Christoph Heemann, Aube, Gunter Brus, Paul McCarthy, John Duncan, Andre Stitt, Carolee Schneemann, Shaun Caton, Kurt Kren, Zoviet France, The Hafler Trio, O Yuki Conjugate, John Watermann, Asmus Tietchens, Nicolas Collins, Left Hand Right Hand, Victor Lois, Serge Segay, and many more. This compilation was supposed to be the first and last audio release of ND. But a year later in 1987 they released another compilation cassette in collaboration with Audiofile Tapes. From then on they started to release on a regular basis: cassette’s, 7″‘s, LP’s,  Cd’s and a video cassette. ND 7 was released on cassette by ND (ND cassette issue 7) in 1986.

article from The Thing On The Door Step 

Track List

Dan Plunkett – Side A intro
Die Form – Psychotic
Paul Thomas – Untitled
The Joke Project – TJP For Africa
Hapunkt Fix – Performance In A Staircase
Big City Orchestra – Worksong
Minoy w/ Zan Hoffman – Hurts So Good
Sonja Van Der Burg – A La
The Haters – Destroyed Music
Theatre Of Ice – Media Collage
K.U.Sch. – Untitled
X Ray Pop – Les Courses
Vittore Baroni – Cut Up Record
Unknown – Side A outro
Paul Hurst – Untitled
Qwa Digs Never Parish – Man Alone In Cafe Society
Andre Stitt – Dogz In Heat
Undercurrent – The Judge Was Late
Boeed Usic – Our Time Was Worth 25¢ An Hour
Lon Spiegelman – Excerpts
Odal – Happy Streetcleaner
I B F – Norkabal
Ruggero Maggi – Untitled
If Bwana – Speak To Me
Dan Plunkett – Side B outro

Friday, January 02, 2015

SJRG New Year Special

Don't be evil I have no idea mom

Is your room in any way colorful?
Not at all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

VA Best Text Of Japan

Cause And Effect – CAE 001
Cassette, Compilation, C90 
Industrial, Noise, Experimental

A1 –Toshifumi Kawase Sex
A2 –Toshifumi Kawase Pollution
A3 –Joke Project, The Existence To Death
A4 –Tetsuya Fukui Introduction To Exhalation
A5 –Satoshi Hashimoto Excerpt From Makuraga
A6 –Merzbow Smichion
A7 –Merzbow Venoayasama
A8 –Merzbow Small Motor-Byke Accident Wounded Lay On The Road Of Asagaya
A9 –Ice 9 Live 11.02.83
B1 –Takahashi Numazawa Hashimoto Excerpt From Koutei
B2 –O'Nancy In French 1
B3 –O'Nancy In French 2
B4 –O'Nancy In French 3
B5 –Monomagnon Live 3.3.85 Morioka
B6 –Monomagnon Live 26.7.83
B7 –Masaki* Text Of Japan
Photo by Tetsuya Fukui

Friday, December 05, 2014

SJRG X mas Special

Praise SJRG in the morning
Praise SJRG at the noon
Praise SJRG in the evening
Praise SJRG in dreams